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Observed: 6th January 2010 By: kcf32
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There have been a lot of Redwing submitted recently. Here is another, this time from Shropshire, where we have (so far) escaped the worst of the snow, but not the freezing conditions.

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Yes, I've been getting a lot of reports of redwings in the last week. We also had an injured/exhausted one handed in, which sadly died.
Has there been a late migration? Most came over in November I think.


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On the move.

Redwings along with fieldfares and blackbirds come to Britain to escape the severe winter weather in their breeding areas. Generally they enter along the East coast and then slowly move inland as food dictates.
If, as has happened now, the winter weather catches up with them, then they will leave to find better conditions. I think Colhig17 that you are on the south coast?, so you may well be seeing Redwings as they migrate out of the country to Spain and Portugal etc.