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Fly in garden

Observed: 11th June 2011 By: Lone RangerLone Ranger’s reputation in InvertebratesLone Ranger’s reputation in InvertebratesLone Ranger’s reputation in Invertebrates

On beech hedge

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Lone Ranger

you place a high degree of confidence on your identification, indeed the highest possible on ispot! Are you sure you can rule out other closely related species? Don't you think the eyes are too approximated for Sarcophaga?

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Flesh Fly ID

Your probably right but had taken images of these flies previous years before which were ID by local entemologist so assumed it was one and the same. probably maybe should have used a lower level.

Anyway thanks for keeping me right.


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It is a difficult one

because the confidence levels available on ispot are very ambiguous and if taken at face value can have a very wide range of meaning. However, in the context of naming insects, if "as sure as I can be" is to mean anything useful it should be something like "I am familiar with the genus, can see the required features in the posted photo, and so can rule out all confusion species beyond reasonable doubt" (absolute certainty is always too high a confidence level!). In the case of Sarcophaga, only a photo of a specimen with genitalia exposed and visible in sharp detail could be identified to species, so not sure what your previous informant was up to. In fact this species is not even the family Sarcophagidae, but as John has pointed out, one of the Muscidae.

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Looks more muscid-like,

Looks more muscid-like, Morellia or something similar