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Observed: 8th May 2011 By: CJTCJT’s reputation in Amphibians and ReptilesCJT’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

Observed on a track by a dry stone wall near Montanchez Extremadura Spain. It disappeared into the stones.Montanchez is in an area of dehesa in Southern Extremadura. The lizard was not smooth, the scales seemed more pronounced than the other lizards in the area. It was about 8ins/20cms long including tail and was in breeding colouration.

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Large Psammodromus

Hi Masked Marvel

Thank you for your comments,

We have seen quite a number of Psammodromus on our trips to Spain but I must admit that this specimen was larger than ones we have seen before and the scales were much more pronounced. Do you think this is because of him being ready for breeding and trying to attract a female?

Best Wishes Carol

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He's a particularly fine

He's a particularly fine specimen and definitely in breeding condition as you can see by the orange throat, which you wouldn't see at other times of year. One of the diagnostic features of the psammodromus is the keeled scales (the scales have ridges along the centre which you don't see on most other lizards) which give them a rough appearance. This one does seem very rough, as he is large (although still within the range for a psammodromus) he is probably relatively old, and this may account for how pronounced the keels on his scales are.