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Observed: 15th March 2011 By: ChrisMcAChrisMcA’s reputation in MammalsChrisMcA’s reputation in Mammals
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Look closely at the head, it has a definite forehead and muzzle, i.e. there is a concave aspect to the head profile. Mink have a straight profile with little or no distinction between the forehead and muzzle. This is similar to the difference between grey and common seals.

Check out the photos on iSpot of mink and ferret and you'll see what I mean.

Therefore, this is an escaped ferret.

Graham Banwell

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Decidedly "ferret face" in the first pic.

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ferret not mink

Thanks for your expert opinions;which have convinced me it's almost certainly a mink (cant be sure as im not an expert)

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my previous comment should have been; "It's almost certainly a ferret"