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Mistle Thrush

Observed: 7th January 2010 By: SomersetWandererSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in Birds
Mistle Thrush 07Jan10

A large party of thrushes (50 plus) on the cotoneasters near home today. Mainly Redwings but also some Fieldfare and a couple of Mistle Thrushes. I interfered with nature a little bit by knocking the snow off the berries!

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Mistle Thrush

Mistle Thrush or Stormcock, Dont worry to much about clearing the snow at least it gives the birds a chance and if they can find food quickly it saves valuable energy.

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When seen in isolation what are the characteristics to look for that distinguish a mistle thrush from a song thrush?


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There are better differentiating characteristics but I tend to think of Song thrushes as plump and round and Mistle thrushes as more elongated and skinny. I'm hardly ever wrong at a first glance as a result even if the bird is only viewed from the corner of my eye.


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Mistle Thrush vs Song Thrush

The "elongated and skinny" method employed by Erwyn sounds like good advice as sometimes the differentiating details may not be visible. The upperparts of a Mistle Thrush are paler and more grey-brown than on a Song Thrush but you wouldn't be able to see that from my photograph! Also there are white edges to many of the wing feathers which are absent from the Song Thrush.

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similar yet different.

Lots of little things tend to tell them apart. Like Erwyn, the tall, skinny mistle and round dumpy songthrush, The cocky, brash mistle, the shy retiring songthrush. The mistle sitting atop a tree, the songthrush sitting quietly somewhere lower down. The mistle thrush bouncing erect across the fields, the songthrush skulking quietly around the edges. The mistle flying high and direct with a rattly call. The songthrush flying low and out of sight.

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Thanks for all the tips. The thrush I saw the other day must have been song as it was skulking in the lower branches and flew away silently.