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Observed: 12th June 2011 By: KatieNat
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first 2 photos of a young oak tree with these pink and white lumps growing out of some of the leaves. Is this how acorns start?!
the last photo is a flying insect about an inch long with a long body that has an upturned red area at the end of it's body.
Any insight into these observations very appreciated.

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Marble Gall

I think it looks more like the currant gall Neuroterus quercusbaccarum (sexual generation)rather than Andricus kollari. Definitely not an acorn. This post should be moved to invertebrates:- one for the scorpion fly and one for the gall.

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Agree with last comment above - currant galls. Small convex part of gall on top of leaf, larger roundish part on underside of leaf (just visible in second photo.