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iSpot Rating System

This might sound strange to some people, but I would be quite happy for my iSpot rating not to be increased at the moment.

Although I have put quite a few photos onto iSpot, I spend hours beforehand trying to identify them, so for me, a 4 rating is quite high.

As I have a 4 rating, I don't like telling other people that their observations are correct, as those people are going to think that I know rather more than I do.

So my question is, if someone is due to have a higher rating, is it possible to have an email sent asking whether they actually want that higher rating?

As I say, that may sound strange to some people, but I was very happy with my 3 rating!




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I do understand were your coming from as some sections ie Fungi, invertebrates are so vast that you can look as if your more knowledgeable than you are.I do think that people do understand this and I find people will be knowledgeable in a certain area of these subject's this includes the expert's too.I would not worry about this,and keep spotting.


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Totally Agree

The ratings shouldn't be taken too seriously, they are more a reflection a person's activity within the groups than their knowledge, (although the two can go hand in hand).

I agree with Sheila above that people soon understand this and you don't need to worry about it. Part of the purpose of such star-rating systems is to encourage people to be more active on the site in trying to attain their next badge, so I'm sure the iSpot folks wouldn't want it to stop you agreeing to identifications.

Besides which, I'd be happy to get agreements from someone who considers their identifications so carefully.


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That helps - Thanks very much to both of you.