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Wnged Insect

Observed: 4th December 2009 By: pag374
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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4.12.09 (2)

Yellow and black striped body. Light coloured legs.Thick antenna.

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Species with which Common Wasp (Vespula (Paravespula) vulgaris) interacts


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Problems with broadband

Sorry about the multiple identical postings above - caused by problems with broadband - it's been happening with emails too...

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Amazed wasps were seen so late in the year

Is this unusual and will they survive the frost and snow?

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Wasps in winter

Wasp colonies decline later in the season - those surviving (queens, some workers) then hibernate somewhere sheltered. Although it doesn't seem like it now amongst all the ice and snow, late autumn/early winter 2009 was very mild - bat surveyors were still working into early November...

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Late Wasps

I am currently resident about a mile from the East Yorkshire Coast but originate from the West Riding progressively moving eastwards owing to work requirements. It appears to me that the seasons start later and end later the further east you move. I have noticed it more from a vegetable gardening point of view but I assume this also applies to insects. Something to do with land mass heat retention?

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Timing of seasons

The west of the country is warmed in winter by Atlantic currents and less affected by cold continental easterlies, but that's a gross over-simplification! A good place to start finding out more about this is with links to the UK Phenology Network which looks specifically at the timings of natural seasonal events. Enjoy!

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Re: Late Wasps

I live in Norfolk and had wasp activity in my garden until 13th December last year. There were dozens and dozens of individuals flying in and out of a nest they'd built in my pampas grass.

The cold weather and snow put an end to the colony after that date.