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Spindle seed

Observed: 9th December 2009 By: jon keanjon kean’s reputation in Plantsjon kean’s reputation in Plants
spindle seed
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Distinctive Seeds

really give this tree a positive id - I've always wondered if they can be used as a natural dye?

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was this growing in the wild,

was this growing in the wild, I assume so in which case the ID is OK, however there are various garden types of Euonymus that can look rather like this.

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Euonymus spp

I echo Mike's question. This has the jizz of a cultivar about it.

Chris Metherell
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North Northumberland

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It was in an ancient hedgerow

It was in an ancient hedgerow near to a nature reserve, a long way from gardens - at least a mile. It was quite a large specimen. However there are not a lot of hedgerow specimens left as they were grubbed out in the 1950s as they were thought to harbour carrot root fly.

Jon Kean