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Observed: 29th May 2011 By: davidcaron62davidcaron62’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesdavidcaron62’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

Four legged amphibian with tail.

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Sorry for the poor photo. Put the pond in about a year ago and have got frogs in it and toads elsewhere in the garden. Saw two newts a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to photograph them since (With no success). Was going to spend all today having another go. Unfortunately its too wet in sunny Rochdale (Who would believe it).

Any tips on identification.

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Thanks Jamie

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I wouldn't like to say

I wouldn't like to say whether this is a smooth or palmate newt based on this picture. These small newts are now in the genus Lissotriton, rather than Triturus.

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Hi Thanks Masked Marvel. The


Thanks Masked Marvel.

The genus tag is a productof the get recommended tools on the basic newt. They are very small so could be smooth or palmates. A few better photos should help with the ID. I will just have to wait for better weather.

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I was just giving the 'Likely

I was just giving the 'Likely ID' as Ispot asks.
I am right in saying that Smooth is the most common? & Being relatively local I havnt come across a Palmate. (that i know of!)


- Jamie

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Hello Jamie Local knowledge

Hello Jamie

Local knowledge is a very useful thing in identifying species and you are probably right (I have used it for other observations on iSpot too). The site is within the range of the palmate newt so I only have the photo to go on. It is sometimes possible to definitively ID these small newts from photos, but on the photo alone, not in this case.


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Hi Jamie / Liam I also think

Hi Jamie / Liam

I also think it is sometimes worth giving a best guess as it at least sets me watching out for possible identifying features



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Hello Dave I think you are

Hello Dave

I think you are right, unfortunately in this case my best guess is that I have no idea...