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Brown Hare

Observed: 18th April 2009 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Brown Hare (Lepus capensis).2
Brown Hare (Lepus capensis)

Large Rabbit type creature with large hind legs and black tips on ears. 2 seen in agricultural field in Tangley

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Other ID features

the ear tips are a good indicator and to my mind the face shape is different from a rabbit - also the way they sit up. Rabbits are more hunkered down to the ground and are more uncommon in the open land - such as this picture shows

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Brown hare

It will be interesting to see how the snow affects the populations of hares. Unlike rabbits they never go underground and are likely to be hit hard by this prolonged spate of cold weather.

Graham Banwell

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Graham I was talking to


I was talking to someone who see hares on her land and she is seeing plenty of snowy hare tracks - so they appear to be doing OK in North Somerset