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Garden Bird

Observed: 2nd January 2010 By: dk947
Garden Birds
Garden Bird
Garden Bird
Garden Bird 3
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These birds are about the size of a blackbird.

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Great photos! Don't think I've ever seen this bird in 'real life'.


OU Student

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Now is the time to track one (or more) down.

With the weather cold and the ground under snow, it forces the redwings more and more into the hedgerows after berries, along with fieldfares. Depending on where you are in the country they may be very common, certainly here in Norfolk it is pretty difficult to drive the country lanes without seeing a few at the moment. Further west they may be scarcer.

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These are Redwing a winter visitor from Scandinavia often found in flocks with Fieldfare

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Saw my first ever redwing today in my garden in Northeast Scotland I believe they migrate from north in winter. Was not able to get a photograph as it was a very short visit

George Reidford

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Redwing call

Redwings can be very shy and their call is often the best giveaway. If you learn to recognize their call, you will be in a better position to search them out. There are plenty of them about, just usually unobtrusive and shy. Even when you know they are there it can be tricky to get your bins on one for a good view, usually hidden in tree branches or moving around.

Had great views of big flocks of redwing in fields in Cornwall though this Christmas. Blackbirds gave their presence away by being a lot more obvious. Tried to take some pictures, but they were simply to far away.