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Starling roost

Observed: 4th January 2010 By: tootsietimtootsietim’s reputation in Birdstootsietim’s reputation in Birdstootsietim’s reputation in Birds
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flock of around 2000 starlings flying around at dusk before making a dive into an overgrown laurel hedge.

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Starling Roost

Nice, we also have a roost of 2000 in our village in north Oxfordshire. You wonder how they all fit into the tree or bush sometimes.

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I did sort of expect them to

I did sort of expect them to go off to the woods, so when they all dived into this small back garden, it was a bit of a suprise. The laurel ( I think it is a laurel, bit dark) really did not look large enough to accommodate the whole flock.

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Super Roosts

With the colder weather these "small" roosts can coalesce into super roost containing tens of thousands of starlings - Shapwick Moor/Hamwall is my local spot for a super roost and the noise can be almost unbearable.

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still flocking

The starling flock is still making use of this laurel hedge for it's night roost. If anything there are more birds now than in January, about 2500 in the main flock with various stragglers arriving for several more minutes.