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Observed: 9th June 2011 By: Fungi festFungi fest’s reputation in InvertebratesFungi fest’s reputation in Invertebrates

I found these in my garden and curious as to what would happen to them we kept an eye on them. They start of as the ladybird larvae, then turn into a type of coccoon and when they hatched they were different types of lady birds. Seems to me ladybird covers a wide range of creatures as I rarely see 2 the same.

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In the UK, 'Ladybird' refers

In the UK, 'Ladybird' refers to 26 species of beetles in the family Coccinellidae - the general pattern is bright colours with spots, but the details vary between species.

Additionally, several species are very variable, particularly the Harlequin you've photographed here. These are of form succinea, characterised by an orange background (varying to yellow or red), with 0-21 black spots, which may or may not be joined into stripes or patches. There's also a couple of other forms of it in the UK - conspicua and spectabilis, which are black with either 2 or 4 red spots, respectively

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To rimo

I see lots of ladybirds and none of them seem to be the same. I will have a look at the links you have put on here as I saw 2 mating but they were both different types. lovely creatures.