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Great Crested Newt

Observed: 2nd April 2010 By: belton.mattbelton.matt’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesbelton.matt’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

I believe this is a Great Crested, It has a split in the crest between the back and tail, and is spotted also, it had a smooth (but GC) female nearby.
We restored a very unhealthyy pond in our garden, and now have an ambundance of amphibians and bugs!

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Must have made almost simultaneous revision to "bobthebirder"

Alan Edwards

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Thank you

Wow, I'm enjoying this, what a great community, didn't expect to have so many people to hand!!

Matt Belton
Amateur spotter - Norfolk
Natural swimming-pond owner

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you know

how great these are.On the island they have to be protected from bogus people so you can hide the loction on Ispot or amend under edit.

Hazel Trevan

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Great-crested newt (male)

Great-crested newts are a protected species, you need a special license and training to handle them. However, they are far more common on the mainland than people realise. The issue is we have destroyed much of their natural habitat by filling in ponds; leaving garden ponds as an important, human created, habitat - as it is for many of our amphibians.

Long live the garden pond!

Graham Banwell

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Protected species

Hi Graham

Thanks for your comments, I'm aware that they are protected, hence the reason you'll see I've taken this photo whilst they are in the shallow area of our pond, and don't intend on interfering with them (they seem more than happy in there)!!

We're really pleased that we 'cleaned' the pond, it was desperate for it and the wildlife has thrived ever this space for new spots!

Matt Belton
Amateur spotter - Norfolk
Natural swimming-pond owner