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Squirrel's tail

Observed: 10th June 2011 By: hc3759
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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The tails of three of this group of five squirrels are sparse - short haired at the base and spread at thi tip into a translucent plume. Are these youngsters ? Is a young squirrel a kitten ?

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The young are known...........

The young are known as kittens, or sometimes pups. I don't think the sparse hair at the tip of the tail is an indication of a kitten though, as I believe it is a characteristic of the adults too.


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Young squirrels

Thanks Chris,sorry for delay in response !

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There is a lot of red in the fur so it is likely to be a youngster. Grey squirrels don't have the bushy tail of a red, if particularly sparse they could be molting.

Graham Banwell

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Tail of young squirrel

Thanks Graham, during my delay in replying to you I have observed differences in size of head and tail in young and mature squirrels.