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Footprint in snow2

Observed: 22nd December 2009 By: miked
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Footprints in Snow

This could be Hare or Rabbit.

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This is a hare print. The two prints to the left, one in front of the other, are the fore legs and the two parallel ones to the right are the hind legs. The hare balances on the fore legs and brings the hind legs forward of the fore legs, similar to a child playing leapfrog. Rabbits put their fore legs together when hopping.

See rabbit print observation:


Graham Banwell

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Thanks very much for these

Thanks very much for these ID's, all the set of snowy ones (footprints in snow1-7) were in one lunchtime walk after overnight snow, amazing how many different animals had walked along this single track. And there were yet other types of track I did not photograph as they were not clear enough.