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Footprint in snow1

Observed: 22nd December 2009 By: miked
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As a rule of thumb for deer

As a rule of thumb for deer prints, Muntjac are around 2cm long, with Roe deer twice this size, and Red twice as big as Roe.

Rob Coleman

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So what does this make the

So what does this make the record shown here as the dark part of the image seems to be about 2cm but the overall hole is at least twice this size.

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I can't magnify the image to

I can't magnify the image to see the track, but these look too broad in proportion to length for Muntjac, so would guess at Roe.

Rob Coleman

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Have added a higher

Have added a higher resolution image but not sure it helps much.

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Roe or muntjac

Difficult one this. I can say the animal was moving away from the camera and the top print is a fore leg (hoof splayed) and the bottom one a hind leg.

As Rob says the shape does not look right for muntjac, though snow does distort shape. Also the inner half of the hoof in muntjac is usually smaller than the outer half, these are the same size - this does not rule out muntjac as they can have equal sized halves.

On the other hand, prints always look bigger in snow, therefore, the size would be right for muntjac.

Considering the depth of the print I would expect to see the dew claw if it were roe deer, however, we do not know how old the print is and it could be it has melted down, being deeper than it was originally. This brings me onto another point, if this were muntjac I would not expect it to be so deep, they are a small, light animal compared with a roe deer, again it could have melted down.

If push came to shove, and I had to decide, I would say muntjac, simply based on the size; there should not be any really small roe deer around at this time of year. However, I'm not going to 'agree' with muntjac because it really is too hard to be certain, sorry Mike!

Graham Banwell

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