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Observed: 28th March 2010 By: sandford2sandford2’s reputation in Mammals

Found hibernating in front garden

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More common than we think maybe

Interesting how dormice are being found in different habitats. We used to think of them as hazel woodland species needing honeysuckle. They are now increasingly being found in gardens, hawthorn, scrub habitats, etc sometimes with no honeysuckle at all - as long as there is connectivity to larger woodland areas via hedgerows etc. They live at low densities and are vulnerable to disturbance but may be more widespread than originally thought.

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They always look so cute!

These animals are a protected species and you really aught to have a special license, and training, to handle them.

You are so lucky to have dormice in your garden we are trying to re-introduce them into Yorkshire at secret sites.

Graham Banwell

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RE: Dormouse

Hi Graham,
Are you referring to the reintroductions that have already taken place (most recently in 2008) or are there others taking place that we at PTES are unaware if? Would be good to know if so! Thanks!

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Hedgerow management

Dormice are indeed fairly widespread in Devon - it looks like you have a lot of hedgerows in your area (and therefore good connectivity if they are in good condition). PTES has some useful information on hedgerow and small woodland management here -

Graham is right about the licence for handling - hopefully you placed the dormouse back where you found it and let it continue its hibernation? If you are interested in training for a licence and taking part in the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme then your local mammal group is probably the best place to start, or if not contact PTES and we can see if any licence holders in your area need a hand.