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Hi, we live in a semi-rural area with farm fields to the rear of our property. Been here 15+ years and for the first time just this last few days have had the pleasure of witnessing several (maybe 2 dozen) bats feeding in the field at the bottom of our garden from dusk onwards. An amazing sight in the fading light as you can actually see them catching moths in flight. Reason for posting is, we aren't aware of their daytime roost location but have our suspicions and need to know are there any authorities that need to be made aware of their appearance, as am assuming they will probably need protecting should their roost be disturbed at some stage in the future. If anyone could shed some light on the subject would appreciate the advice. Many thanks.



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The law stipulates that it is illegal to intentionally disturb or restrict access to a roost, or damage/destroy a roost. I would suggest a look on the website of the Bat Conservation Trust - they have a list of local groups. If you contacted your local group I'm sure they would be happy to give you plenty of info, and would probably be interested in doing a survey, which would provide plenty of information on the colony you are observing. Fascinating creatures are bats!

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As mentioned your local bat group may be able to help.

If you are concerned about a possible disturbance activity then contact the Natural England local bat advisor, details can be found at:


They can advise you on bats and, if necessary, organise for a formal bat survey to be done; though this is usually only when a clear danger has been identified, e.g. a building application has been presented to the local authority.

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Bat call analysis

I've been using Analook software to analyse some bat calls but I'm having a bit of difficulty identifying some of the species, not helped by high levels of 'background noise' which has created some fairly chaotic and messy images. Just wondering whether there is any forum where I can upload some of these images for advice, or any good guidance anyone can provide on bat call analysis.