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Bottle-nosed Dolphin

Observed: 6th August 2007 By: isabelbisabelb’s reputation in Mammalsisabelb’s reputation in Mammals
Bottle-nosed Dolphin
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WDCS may have an individual ID

Lovely shot -any individual details that would help with ID? (Couldn't see any myself on the dorsal at this magnification).

I think WDCS have a fairly extensive catalogue, if only as part of their "adoption scheme", so you might be able to get more information on this particular beast.

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Botlenose dolphins

Fantastic picture.

These must be amongst the most watched bottlenose dolphins in the UK. The Sea Mammal Reserch Unit (SMRU) at St Andrews University have extensively studied these dolphins, they may also have information on this individual.

Graham Banwell

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The research on the Moray

The research on the Moray Firth dolphins is actually carried out by the Aberdeen University team based at the Lighthouse in Cromarty, and they certainly have a catalogue of most if not all their animals. Info is at



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