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Azure Damselfly

Observed: 30th May 2011 By: lotsofbeeslotsofbees’s reputation in Invertebrateslotsofbees’s reputation in Invertebrates
Azure Damselfly
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Azure or Common

To separate the males of these 2 species, ignore the amount of "blueness" and just look at the black mark on first segment of the abdomen. In the Azure it is "U" shaped, with Common Blue it is "lollipop" shaped, a black "circle" on a thin black "stick".

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Blueness of Common Blue

Blueness of Common Blue Damselfly also varies with temperature: the cooler the greyer, the warmer the bluer.

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Mark on 1st segment

I have had a close look on the fist segment the one nearest to the body and it definently has the black U shape, so I am quite happy that it is the Azure