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Pond plant

Observed: 19th May 2011 By: terrycrynantterrycrynant’s reputation in Plantsterrycrynant’s reputation in Plantsterrycrynant’s reputation in Plants

Goose grass like plant growing in 6ins of water in middle of silted up pond.Observed from a distance looked more delicate than goose grass and has red swelling on stem above leaves.

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what's odd is that the leaves

what's odd is that the leaves are in whorls of six - palustre usually has them in whorls of four. Agree with Dan could be uliginosum - easily told in the field by the very rough leaves with shortly pointed tips. If you are going back ....

Tim Rich

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New photos

The four new photos are not of the same individual plant.I think it is the same species,it is growing near the edge of the same pond about 10 meters from the original.There are 4 or 5 plants in the pond and they all have some leaves grouped in sixes but they also have many leaves in groups of four especially higher up the plant .