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Song Thrush or Pipit

Observed: 2nd January 2010 By: Laurie DauntLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in Birds
Is this a Song Thrush or perhaps a Rock Pipit

Looks like a Song thrush but the face is not right, Sorry its a bit out of focus

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Perhaps neither...

Try looking up Dunnock, Prunella modularis, (search for photos online). Many individuals are a more uniform grey colour underneath but it's not unusual for them to be heavily streaked, especially along the flanks.

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Auto focus.

It looks like your camera's autofocus got the brambles fine but missed the bird.
I agree with Roy, it looks very dunnocky, allowing for the streaking.

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Thanks, Never occured to me

Thanks, Never occured to me that it was a Dunnock, Yes trouble with the auto focus but no time to manually take it

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