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40 year old toad

Observed: 2nd July 2010 By: Masked Marvel
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Last year I was fortunate to meet the famous 40 year old toad that was in the papers recently.

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How do you the age of a toad

How do you know the age of a toad and what is the normal life span of a toad? Myself never thought about it. I am going to google about it but it is nice you share about this toad, where you met him etc, if possible.


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We get lots of these near where I live in the Yorkshire Dales. Many live in dry stone walls and they appear at night especially when it is wet. I once counted 13 in about 100 yards when I let my dog out last thing at night.


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40 year old toad

This toad was given to a woman in Hull as a present 38 years ago when it was already an adult. Strange present I know, but it was to control pests. She has seen the same toad every year since - hence it must be at least 40 years old as they take two-three years to reach maturity.

The majority of toads will not reach maturity, but if the do they normally live an average of 10 years or so; in captivity they can live up to 50 years.

This toad shot to fame (at least in Yorkshire!) when during a study of amphibians in Hull Sal Hobbs, an OPAL scientist working in the University of Hull came across the story.

Graham Banwell

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