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Malaysian Katydid

Observed: 13th May 2008 By: Rags
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I found three of these stunning insects in the forest near Batu Ferrenghi on Penang. The bright green wing cases and sky blue legs were colourful enough but the wings were scarlet. The antennae were very long. This katydid doen't seem to show up on the internet apart from a vague reference to 'Ornate Katydid'. A previous placing on ispot was unsuccessful. Anyone able to help with a full id please?


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What a cracker,I am tempted to go to Penang to see one in the flesh.
I think I came across the same website as you and I think Ornate Katydid is a made-up name. .I am afraid that I have been unsuccessful in the past ,finding IDs for a host of insects from my trips to the far east ,but I hope you get lucky.