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Bearded Tits at Hardley Flood

Observed: 2nd January 2010 By: tootsietimtootsietim’s reputation in Birdstootsietim’s reputation in Birdstootsietim’s reputation in Birds
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Flock of around 13 bearded tits feeding on norfolk reed at Hardley Flood in Norfolk.

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Bearded Tits

Great photos - beautiful birds - and a flock of thirteen or so - that's impressive!

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in recent years I've failed

in recent years I've failed to connect with these at all sorts of places, but the last twelve months I've seen flock after flock around Norfolk. Whether it was a good breeding year or I've been lucky I don't know.

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Great picture. These are

Great picture. These are sometimes called 'reed pheasants' in Norfolk.

Rob Coleman