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Grey lichen

Observed: 31st May 2011 By: Myra W
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Grey lichen

I came across this specimen while on holiday in Bergen, Norway. It was attached to granite rock, at the entrance to a forest. It was grey with black spots and had a dry, papery texture. I'm not sure whether this is foliose or fruticose.


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This is not a species I have ever seen (very rare in Britain) but it certainly looks right, and after copying the image into Photoshop and enlarging it, I think I see the characteristic button-like centres to the apothecia.

A good photo!


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Thanks Alan, your input is greatly appreciated

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Hi alan,
I know I thanked you last month for your comments, but I THINK I posted the reply in the wrong place! So please forgive me - and I hope I've got it right this time!