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Q1020685 2011_06_04

Observed: 4th June 2011 By: AndrewCAndrewC’s reputation in Invertebrates
Q1020685 2011_06_04

Wings about 5mm long - very long antenna - so is it a caddis fly? But wings seem scaled.

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Which one

All the examples of A. croesella I can find on seem to show the cross band thickening towards the trailing edge which this moth does not show so I have agreed with N. degeerella.

But I'm not familiar with croesella so could easily be wrong.

David Howdon

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which one?

I'm using British moths by Chris Manley for this id. A. croesella isvery similar, the pic in the book however shows a female which has shorter antennae with white tips, but not got the yellowish streak from shoulder down wing. In the pic above,the antennae appear white tipped, well one of them does, and only as long as the moth, so, I'm thinking it either female N.degeerella, as males antennae are twice as long, or A. croesella! Tho, not checked Ukmoths yet. So I'm still none the wiser!


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which one?

Thanks for your comments Debbie and David -
I've re-examined the original photo and consider my size estimate to be an understatement - it appears to be about 1/3 of the length of the egg tray side it sits on and so should be slightly under 10mm.
Looking at the photos you refer to Debbie the black lines degeerella appear to vary in width on each moth, but mostly the same width for croesella. This would imply this moth is the former! This may be wrong thinking of course!