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Woodpecker nest hole?

Observed: 1st January 2010 By: Jonathan
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This nest hole in an oak (probably Q.robur) may be used by Great Spotted woodpeckers which I think occur in this wood

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woodpecker holes

This looks like a very old one - note the rough growth around the hole. A fresh hole made by a great-spotted woodpecker is small (just big enough for the bird) and very neatly excavated, looking as if someone has taken a massive power drill to the tree. Green woodpeckers make slightly more messy, oval shaped holes. With a hole of this age you could not tell its origins by watching to see who goes in there, as all sorts of birds will take over old woodpecker holes.

Bob Ford

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Oh, I see. I thought that the

Oh, I see. I thought that the hole had been made where a branch had fallen off, which would have accounted for the appearance of the bark around the hole, but you are saying that the whole pattern around this hole is caused by the original woodpecker? Interesting!

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