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Dragonfly 07.05.2011 12-33-39

Observed: 7th May 2011 By: lo553
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dragonfly 07.05.2011 12-33-39
dragonfly 07.05.2011 12-33-39 1

it hung in the coniferes just above my head when i walked by.
A rather large insect. I estimatetd about 10 cm in width (wings) and lenght (body)

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Have to agree that lateral

Have to agree that lateral markings look more like bidentata although yellow occipital triangle suggests boltonii. On balance, though, I'd agree bidentata.

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Never looked at location, assumed it was in U.K. School boy error. I can now see distinguishing features of both species which include the yellow (rather than black) occipital triangle, and the absence of the narrower golden rings on S5-S8 which is more suggestive of bidentata?? A tough one....