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Observed: 23rd November 2009 By: ShaunMorrison
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Clara Vale Kingfisher

Kingfisher on a perch at a small nature reserve pond.

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A better photo than I've ever managed to take!

Bob Ford

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A couple of years ago I visited Strumpshaw Fen and in front of the hide was a branch similar to the one in your photo and perched on it was a kingfisher.

It entertained me, other watchers and the super telescopic lensed cameras for 10 minutes or more as it attempted every so often to catch a fish. After a while it flew away.

A little later it was replaced by another kingfisher. The first kingfisher clearly objected to the newcomer pinching its perch as it flew fast and low from stage left making straight for the later arrival. There then ensued a "dog-fight" as one kingfisher chased the other. They would disappear from view for a few seconds only to return still in the chase. Eventually one beat off the other and resumed its place on the perch.


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The thing that really amazed me , apart from the colour of course, was that I seen it dive five times, and it was successful twice with what looked like sticklebacks.

The pond was quite small, but must be a healthy food source.