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Collecting Tree Seeds

Hello. I'm keen to try and grow some potted trees from seed and was just wondering when the best time to collect/plant these would be? I understand Acorns and Conkers aren't available until Autumn, but I have seen a lot of winged seeds on the ground recently. Are these ready to plant?

I'm new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


In addition, does anyone know when London Plane seeds are ready to drop?



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different methods

If you can say what you want to grow then it is easier to advise as there are various methods for propagation.Some tree's like willow can be propagated by cutting's very easily,other's need the seed to mature and even if collected and planted in the autumn they will not germinate till spring.I would suggest you collect and label what seed's you want and store them in a dark dry cool place,I use paper bags as they can still breath as polythene bags make them sweat and mould will form.If you put a list of what you fancy growing,I will see what I can do on information,compost also needs to suit the tree.
It is a great feeling when you grow something from seed.



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Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to store any seeds as recommended. I'd like to grow an Oak one day, but will be patient with this one for the time being. I'd happily grow anything from a seed I've collected, but out of neccesity would be keeping it in a pot indoors for the forseable future if it makes a difference.

Some particular species I'm keen on are Apple trees (crab or domesticated), Small and Large-leafed Limes, Silver Birches, Willows and London Planes; though I was advised the London Plane's seeds are mostly infertile due to it being a hybrid of the American and Oriental Planes?

Thanks again,

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seeds from fruit all grow

seeds from fruit all grow well including all the citrus fruits and apple, pear, avocado and date. start dates off in a bag of moist peat in the airing cupboard. slow to grow but will get big in time. peach and nectarine also grow well and can be put outdoors later as can apples and pears.
Peanuts will grow but usually best from the shell. Ginger root bought at supermarket will grow just by potting it up and keeping it warm.
also try pips from melons, squash and peppers and of course tomatoes.


Pax et Bono

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I put some ginger in a couple of weeks ago,they suggest you buy a piece with bud's on,it is just starting to come away now,rather excited as it is my first try with ginger.As for seedlings most are ok on window sill's for a while but tree seedlings once germinated could be put in a yard if you have one,as you said you only have indoor space,also try to see if you could get an allotment and good luck with your growing and have a go at some of Peter's suggestion's.



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Some of our common tree seeds can't be collected in the autumn and stored until the spring.Willow,oak ,sycamore,horse chestnut and sweet chestnut will die if they dry out.Others need chilling or freezing to break their dormancy.
The Forestry Commission have a site telling you what different seeds require.$FILE/fcpg018.pdf
For years I've been planting dead conkers in the spring.

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Scots Pine

Hi, I had success with Scots pine seeds.

I brought home some pine cones that were still closed and I left them on top of the heater. After about a day they had opened and I removed the seeds.

I put the seeds on some tissue in a saucer and kept it wet for a few weeks and they germinated. Then I popped them into some compost and they grew.