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Tree Pipit

Observed: 5th June 2011 By: NormanK
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Tree Pipit

Observed in a area of gorse/bramble, small shrubs and trees.

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Tree Pipit or Woodlark?

Thanks for the agreements. As I'm likely to observe this bird again, can anyone else confirm for sure if it is indeed a woodlark? I'm torn between the two.

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Definitely a Woodlark.

If you see it again, watch it in flight. Woodlarks have broad wings and a very short tail, whereas Tree Pipit has a longer tail...more wagtail-like.

In the picture, the short tail can be seen, I think. Also, the breast streaking is neatly cut off half way down the breast and does not continue down the flanks, as in a Pipit. In addition, the supercilium is very clear, stretching round the front and almost to the back of the head (if that were visible).


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That's great, thanks. I can see what you mean about the breast streaking, and looking again in my book it becomes clear.