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Observed: 30th May 2011 By: miked
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These brackets were quite common in boggy Pinus sylvestris Picea abies forest.


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Rare in Britain

As Flaxton says, rare in Britain, though perhaps rather more of it in northern Scotland than "recorded finds" might indicate.

However this looks like it was photographed in Poland or somewhere of that ilk. It is a characteristic species of the northern boreal conifer forest; I saw a lot of it in Finland a few years ago. When fresh, an attractive species.


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It was in southern Czech

It was in southern Czech Republic on a very nice nature reserve, well worth a visit if you are there at this time of year before the mosquitoes eat you alive.
Just looked it up in Philips and it says very rare in Britain but common in Europe, the specimen he shows looks nothing like they do in reality (as I mentioned I saw loads of them), assume he just had a rather atypical specimen to photograph.
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Ah well

Geography was my worst subject at school ...

And I agree, the Phillips photograph, while undoubtedly correct, is not very typical. Fungi Europaei vol 10 predictably has an excellent photograph.