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bioblitz bBrading Down how do I know if I have got right tag?

First put mt obs. under brading down 2011 .Looked today at list & see bioblitz Isw 2011 so altered mine to that .Is this ok?



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bioblitz tags

I'm not sure what the "bioblitz-lsw2011" tag is meant for, there don't seem to be any observations attached to it. Your observation at has "Bioblitz Isw 2011" which is slightly different - the bioblitz tags have to be in exactly the right format, with a hyphen instead of a space after bioblitz, otherwise they don't appear in the list.

If you want to add a tag for a bioblitz that already exists all you need to do is start typing into the "General tags" box when you add your observation, and when you've typed far enough you should see a matching name appear that you can choose off the drop-down list.

But in this case I think we need a new tag for Brading Down, so if you want to do this I suggest you edit it again to:

(with no spaces)

For more information see:

Entomologist and biological recorder

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bioblitz tags

Hello Martin

Just to clarify the "bioblitz-lsw2011" tag is for a Bioblitz event at Learning South West. The Bioblitz will be taking place at Bishops Hull House in Taunton on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July 2011. Here's a link for more information



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