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Observed: 1st June 2011 By: hrp

I found this on the top of the soil under ivy leaves, at the bottom of my garden. I would love to know what it is from?

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It is much smaller than it

It is much smaller than it looks on those photos..the top of the skull is only as wide as my thumbnail, and just over half a thumb length.


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Bird keel


Change this to the birds section of iSpot, they will find it most interesting.

I'm afraid they will not be able to tell you what species as there is not enough of it to tell, other than it does not have the large 'keel' of a heavy bird or migratory one. Therefore, is one that flys little and prefers to skulk. I think blackbird is a high probability.

Graham Banwell

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Pelvis not Sternum keel

This is certainly not a keel / carina or sternum bone; it's a pelvis. Blackbird seems a possibility.