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Ancient Oak Tree

Observed: 2nd June 2011 By: mab735
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Tree 4 2nd June 2011

An English Oak tree situated away from the main pathway in Lesnes Abbey Woods, on a slope. Its girth was 340cm and its height was about 18m. There was evidence of hollow branches and also deadwood in 'crow' and on the ground. There was evidence of epiphytes; moss and algae were prolific, also grey crustose lichen. Holes were also present in the trunk; many similar to the one photographed. In this hole (though it is not very clear in the photograph, but the clearest I could get), there is a substance very similar to strands of cotton wool, interwoven and round in appearance. This was just inside a hole of around 2cm diameter. Using the method suggested on of girth divided by 1.25cm, this tree is approx. 272 years old.

  • English Oak
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