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Species Droppings?

Observed: 6th May 2011 By: Roper14Roper14’s reputation in Mammals

Saw these droppings on a mound of dead grass next to a small pool of freshwater. I found the same type of droppings 2 meters away next to a separate pool. This was in a nature reserve in Cheshire set within some farmland, less than a mile from the nearest river (Weaver). The droppings were around an inch and a half long.
Any help in identifying the species that left this would be great....

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Could be mink -

looks like quite a bit of rabbit fur in it.

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It could be mink but I've

It could be mink but I've found stoat scats near water before. Did you smell it?

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These are very twisted indicating stoat or weasel. At around 4cm long they are too small for mink.

From the amount of twisting I would go with weasel, also the size fits.

Graham Banwell

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