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Misumena vatia with prey

Observed: 2nd June 2011 By: PerdikaPerdika’s reputation in InvertebratesPerdika’s reputation in InvertebratesPerdika’s reputation in Invertebrates
Misumena vatia - crab spider 11-06-02

Yellow spider which has paralysed its (larger) prey. Rather difficult to photograph through the plant, but I hope enough of it is visible for a positive ID. PS What I assume is the same spider was in the same place on the same plant today, so I have added a couple of photos which should make identification easer.

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Picture also includes a small fly sitting on the bee. From the general appearance and behaviour this is probably a Freeloader Fly (Milichiidae). Some of these feed on juices from the victims of crab spiders. For more info see the excellent site:

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My goodness!

I noticed the small fly, but didn't know what to make of it.