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Ailing Blue Tit

Observed: 1st June 2011 By: Tim JamesTim James’s reputation in Birds

I spotted this blue tit at one of my garden feeders. It was some distance away and the light was poor, so the image is not great by any means. But I decided to post it anyway in the hope someone might be able to help with some advice on what might be wrong with the poor chap. It's clearly an older bird past its peak and there were – as can clearly be seen – two large growth-like protuberances around its beak. Are they evidence of a tumour, an infection perhaps or are they the consequence of a limited gene pool? The bird otherwise was flying well and apparently eating healthily. I really would be grateful of any guidance, so thanks in advance.

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Poor guy... avian pox

Poor guy... avian pox perhaps? This disease is characterised by tumour-like lesions on the head. Infected birds may be seen moving and feeding normally and the lesions can improve with time.