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Buzzard Pellet ?

Observed: 27th May 2011 By: woodsman42
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Two of these pellets found, one in open grassland, other in mixed woodland. Woodland pellet was 90% Cockchafer remains and 10% bone & grey fur; grassland pellet was 100% cockchafer remains.

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Buzzard Pellet update

Pellet has no smell, so it's probably not fox scat; and wasn't near any of the usual badger latrines. So buzzard seems a likely id.

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I'm not sure buzzards eat cockchafers although I could be wrong considering they do eat earth worms.


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Interesting one. This is a pellet rather than mammal faeces simply because when bones and invertebrate parts pass through the gut they get squashed tight and bound with other waste materials, unlike this loose pellet. Also when they pass through the gut they become roughly aligned along the length of the faeces; whereas this has parts at all angles implying pellet.

As for what produced it, that's more difficult. Hobby and little owl are the obvious invertebrate feeders but at 8cm these are twice the size of either bird's pellets. What is confusing me is that one was found in woodland, suggesting a woodland bird (e.g. buzzard who are the only woodland pellet producing bird which spends time feeding on invertebrates in open grassland where cockchafers would be found) and the other was found in an open field which would suggest gull; but the woodland pellet would tend to rule out gull.

My gut feeling is gull, were there any herring gulls around?

Graham Banwell

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Looking at this again it could be pointed at each end, or that could be due to its decomposed state. If it is pointed then that suggests corvid, which would mean rook with so much invertebrate material.

Graham Banwell

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Dear Woodsman42, My name is

Dear Woodsman42,

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