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Common spotted orchids 1611

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LNR orchids 1611 005

Spotty leaves about 20cm tall. Very plentiful

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Common Spotted x Northern Marsh, perhaps?

Impressive plant and good photo.
I'd have thought the two lowest leaves were too wide and (probably) blunt for Common Spotted. The stem looks rather thick and perhaps hollow for a pure Spotted Orchid, and the upper stem leaves too wide and stem-clasping for pure Spotted Orchid.
But the lateral sepals are pointing sideways or slightly downward, which indicates some Spotted Orchid parentage.
The rounded sidelobes to the lips of the flowers, and the fairly deep pink, would fit with Northern Marsh as a parent.
The strong loop markings would be more likely from Common than Heath Spotted.
The central lobe of the lip is much too small for pure Common Spotted, but wide and long enough for a Common Spotted hybrid.
But it would be good to see the other orchids on the site!
If you happen to be back later in the summer next year, Spotted x Marsh orchids are generally sterile (the seed pods don't swell up much), whereas pure Spotted Orchids, pure Marsh Orchids, Spotted x Spotted, and Marsh x Marsh all mostly set lots of seeds.