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Nettle mine

Observed: 31st May 2011 By: kcf32
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Nettle mine 2011-05-31
Nettle mine 2011-05-31 1
Nettle mine 2011-05-31 1 2
Nettle mine 2011-05-31 1 2 3

Leaf mines on the edge of a stinging nettle leaf. I have checked the British and Dutch leafminers sites but it is not clear which this may be. I have gone for Agromyza anthracina as the Dutch site states that this mine can start close to the edge, in which case the initial mine follows the leaf margin. Unfortunately the edge of this leaf is withered so not possible to check this.

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Beware of the mine starting

Beware of the mine starting at the edge business. There isn't any sign of the gut like start to the mine which characterises anthracina. If you have the leaf wrap the stem in a bit of damp kitchen role and keep it flat in a sealed container. Keep looking at it as the larvae will emerge and quickly form pupae. The larvae of the 2 alternative species (Agromyza reptans and pseudoreptans) are very distinctive in terms of shape and should be identifiable with a microscope. See the Dutch web site and

Robert Homan

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Nettle mine

Thank you for your word of caution and advice. Unfortunately I am not in a position to do what you suggest with this leaf but will try it if I come across another similar mine.


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Origin 7 Sept
Robert has it taped and gave good advice but it is daunting bringing up adults from leaves.
Obviously my stupid first ID is not correct (I'm sorry) but I was intent on following up this old post and trying to move Likely (I cannot do that alone).
It may well be possible that this IS Agromyza anthracina but there are good reasons why there are no agreements. You have looked in all the right places Keith "checked the British and Dutch leafminers sites...". Even after a few years the situation has not changed much.
I am here because I am checking all nettle Agromyza before posting my own

PS I have completed my post and all the research needed for a positive ID. My find, first for the County, has been confirmed by a UK leading expert.
See http://www.ispotnature.org/node/735387