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Invite a review?

I've recently joined iSpot and have been looking back through some old IDs and have found some that I believe are incorrect (including a species I am currently doing a PhD on). I have suggested new IDs for them but because I'm new here and they are old sightings I think no-one will see the suggestions again. I have given detailed explanations of why I think they are incorrect but I fear it's probably in vain...

Is there anyway to invite people to review old IDs so people get the chance at look at them again?




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The system should show people

The system should show people who commented or made ID's on those observations that something has changed so they may want to go back and have another look.
if you go to 'my spot' 'changes' section you can see this, its a very useful filter but can take a bit of getting use to. i always keep an eye there to see what other people have said about my observations and any interaction i have had with other people's observations and forum posts.