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25.05 Upminster_1222 copy

Observed: 25th May 2011 By: LeighJones
25.05 Upminster_1222 copy
25.05 Upminster_1222 copy 1

Large bird soaring on thermals above Upminster. Black with white head.

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Catches me out when I see

Catches me out when I see them flying high and away from obvious bodies of water. I not from your location map a lake a little to the north. I wonder if it was on the way to this?

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Cormorant flying high

Thanks for the identification. I thought there was a slim possibility it was a cormorant, but had never seen one much higher than roof-top height. It may have been heading for the bend in the river Thames between the O2 arena and Heron Quays – a favourite site for cormorants. Thanks again, Leigh