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Careful, dead chick!!! Don't look if you're squeamish

Observed: 31st May 2011 By: chogg

This bird is one of about 6 dead birds that I have found in or in the vicinity of our garden in the past week, including young blue tits and an adult swallow. I don't own a cat... Dropped by a cat on a pavement.
I guessed it's a blackbird chick, it was about 4-8cm long, with a yellow beak. I expect it's a low nesting bird as the cats have got it so young. Many of the other birds caught have been fledgling blue tits, though they got one adult swallow today, caught whilst collecting mud for nesting, After the swallow's epic migration, killed by a pet cat... I'll try not to rant, but the free reign of alien cats killing wildlife makes me saddened and angry...

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not starling

Wouldn't have thought starling, how would a cat get it out of a nest hole? Maybe Song thrush?

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Stopping cats

I use a quarter power cattle fence with the wires just above the head height of a black bird when seedlings are young. Not one onion set ripped up this year. Many slugs and cabbage white eaten.
No need for an air rifle and cheaper than chemicals at less than half the power if a phone charger.