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Moth query

Observed: 31st May 2011 By: DaudiDaudi’s reputation in InvertebratesDaudi’s reputation in InvertebratesDaudi’s reputation in Invertebrates

Maybe 30mm wingspan. Flying late afternoon.

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Carpet Moth

Hi Robert, looked for the grey line on FW but it didn't appear to be there, the picture isn't very clear it has perhaps been 'blown out' of the exposure. . I was expecting a revision but along with available picture and location I suggested Wood as a starter. Common it may be then!

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Have a look at the original

Have a look at the original picture, but don't zoom in. There is a very faint line through the bar.
Common Carpet is not meant as a definitive identification, but on the available evidence that is my suggestion. Unfortunately a picture taken at such an angle may not show the key features clearly, but there again, experience suggests that moving to get a better shot just makes the moth fly away.

Robert Homan

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Thanks for that

Thanks for that Robert, I can see what you mean now. These do seem to be a skittish Moth, getting them to stay for a picture is a bit of a job. I chased a Silver-ground carpet around recently for what felt like miles and just when you get to optimum range they are away again... very frustrating!