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Redwings in a crab apple

Observed: 28th December 2009 By: Jonathan
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Redwings in crab apple tree
Redwings in refuge med

A flock of redwings feeding in a crab apple tree. NOt brilliant photos I'm afraid, partly because they were very nervous and even movement at the window from which I took these pics caused the birds to retreat to the higher branches of the tree in the 2nd photo. I think that there are 7 redwings in the picture of the crab apple. Maybe someone can spot more?

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There are loads of redwings

There are loads of redwings in this part of MK at the moment, initially going for the berries when the ground was frozen but now after worms in the grass.

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Loads of redwings

Loads of redwings in the fields in Cornwall where I was over the Christmas period too. Amazing how they could almost go unnoticed hopping around in the fields, were it not for their more conspicous blackbird cousins giving the game away!