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Wood mouse/ Yellow necked mouse


I had considered Yellow necked but didn't think the light fur was yellow enough, also felt the ears were not quite big enough for a yellow necked but I am more than happy for an expert to advise.


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Wood or Yellow-necked mouse

I'm afraid there is just not enough to go on here. There could be a yellow band on the first photo, equally it could be a trick of the light. Looking at the plants etc. the clolour tones in the photos could be slightly insipid amking the back a richer colour than appears (y-n mouse) but it may not. Other measurements are only certain when you have the animal in the hand with a set of calipers, you are talking a couple of mm difference and then the range has much overlap.

All I can say is it is Apodemus sp.

Graham Banwell

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Wood or Yellow- Necked Mouse

Thank you for your comments George I realise how difficult it is to separate these 2 species especially from photographs. I still have a family living under the log pile and helping themselves to the seed that the birds leave. I will try to get some new photo's to post.